Can Acupuncture Help You to Quit Smoking?

how-to-quit-smokingAcupuncture – Does it Help Quit Smoking?

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient medical sciences to heal the body from various medical ailments. It is a Chinese way to treat diseases and their associated signs and symptoms. Since centuries, this unique way of treating body has been used as major health science in various parts of the world, especially China and other Southeast Asian countries.

Acupuncture – a pricking way to stop smoking

Acupuncture can also work in erasing the desire and the need of smoking. In fact, for many holistic health care providers, it has become a preferred way to help quit smoking. With a success rate between 85-90% in decreasing the physical and emotional craving, acupuncture is the most promiscuous and most well-off way to get rid of smoking.

Acupuncturists say that there are very few withdrawal symptoms experienced since this unique treatment antagonizes the effects of abusing substances present in cigarette. The smoker feels calmness and tranquility once successfully undergone acupuncture treatment. The best part of treating addiction of smoking using acupuncture is it does not harm, alter or affect any of the bodily system.

effects-of-smokingThe mechanism of acupuncture to quit smoking

There are some portions on the outer ear those are focused by acupuncturist. The treatment is nearly painless and blissfully relaxing. The treatment uses ion pellet which is taped on the ear, with an advice that the smoker touch it whenever there is a craving to smoke. This has the effect of alleviating urges for nicotine. The cravings would be under control since acupuncture will stimulate endorphins that come from the CNS (central nervous system) which are the body’s natural opiates. They are considered to be thousands time stronger as compared to morphine to relieve the stress. Generally, a series of 4-5 acupuncture shots are recommended to quit smoking.

Acupuncture treatment for any health ailment is nearly pain free and the effects come for long period. The World Health organization (WHO) of the United Nations has recognized 47 different health ailments those can be successfully treated using acupuncture, nicotine addiction, being one of them.

say-no-to-smoking-cigarettesAcupuncture – a better option?

While some of the people who are smoking addicted have tried with other quit smoking therapies/treatments such as a nicotine patch they often reported the treatment to be unsuccessful. Many health care providers believe that this may actually happen since the patch itself puts nicotine back into smoker’s body. Acupuncture, on the other hand, detoxifies the body as it removes this abusive substance and simultaneously allows the body to get healed by natural endorphins.

Acupuncture not only helps smoker to get rid of fagging but it also soothes and relaxes the bodily systems. It balances the nervous system that is stressed and tensed due to irregular lifestyle, bad habit, eating unhealthy food, lack of proper/adequate sleep and many more triggering factors those are just unavoidable in today’s busy world. These all conditions produce rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and improper digestion. Acupuncture can help the body to naturally restore the functions and to flush out the toxins.

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