Can Ear Acupuncture Help You Quit Smoking?

ear-acupuncture-for-smoking-cessationWhy Try Ear Acupuncture to Help Quit Smoking?

For people who are trying to stop smoking acupuncture has been offering a novel approach to the problem for many years now.

While the idea of having needles put in may seem a little strange to some people, mention having them put in your ears seems even stranger.

This article discusses why people choose ear acupuncture for smoking cessation, how it is generally performed and how to find a practitioner.

This aims to give a clear explanation of why people may wish to try to help them escape from this life threatening habit

quit-smoking-programHow Ear Acupuncture Got Used To Help People Quit Smoking

The role of ear acupuncture in smoking cessation cannot be properly discussed without a respectful nod to its roots in the field of work with strong street drugs and alcohol.

Encouraging results working with difficult, serious drug addictions lead to the observation that effects were noted whether the drug addiction was to alcohol, heroin, cocaine and more.

Practitioners took up the challenge to try it with tobacco and the practice has flourished. Its multiple applications roots certainly put it on the map and its popularity may also be due to the method of delivery.

acupuncture-medicalCommon Ear Acupuncture Practice

Whereas ‘whole body’ acupuncture requires the removal of some clothing, ear acupuncture can be received fully clothed and sitting upright in a chair.

For women who cover the hair for religious reasons, their cultural needs could be accommodated by having a private session with a female practitioner or by holding women only group session. Ear acupuncture can be used for many clients at the same time, using chairs, in the same room, making it very cost effective. With clients fully clothed, siting in a chair in a supportive social group setting, it aims to help people relax and deal with cravings better.

Feeling Calmer

Cigarette, rolling tobacco and pipe smokers all have one thing in common when they stop – they usually have some sort of urge to light up the tobacco, even though their rational mind is telling them not to. Acupuncture may release calming endorphins, which is great news for those people trying to cope with those urges especially if they are feeling anxious and tense. Ear acupuncturists can also often provide help between sessions by using ear seeds or magnets simply taped gently to the ear skin, which stimulate acupuncture points on the ear, without puncturing the skin. As a therapy which may help calm cravings it is of course potentially of great benefit to smokers trying to get off the habit.

People using ear acupuncture to help quit smoking are usually advised to use it as part of a broader smoking strategy. The modern trend for ear acupuncture is a growing field with some schools offering expert training in techniques not found elsewhere. Understanding it can be part of shared, fully clothed activity to help quitters stay calmer and less vulnerable through any cravings can help explain why it is often chosen as part of the strategy.




DISCLAIMER: This article provides a general introduction to the topic only and is not medical advice ; please see your primary health care physician for any health concerns.

Daniel James Clark had a science orientated background and was amazed at seeing what acupuncture could do – even though it seemed to defy his own logic. Daniel runs a blog devoted to using acupuncture whilst quitting smoking. To profit from Daniel’s investigations, visit the site at , or for more general information on ear acupuncture, a practitioner Daniel consulted for info can be found at

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