Chiropractor Client Review by Peggy of North Port Florida

Hi, my name is Peggy. I’ve been coming to Grappin Chiropractic Clinic for probably a couple of years now.

I had a bad sprain in my lower back and through some trial and error we found out I had a birth defect in my lower back. So, I come once a month now for my adjustments so I don’t sprain my back anymore.

Dr. Linda always goes above and beyond anything, anytime I have a problem or any pain anywhere, or discomfort, she just always, always, goes above and beyond anything to make things better for me.

back-adjustment-activator-dr-lindaI see Dr. Linda here, I’ve seen Dr. Lee and I’ve seen Dr. Carl Grappin. Everyone of them is very professional, very helpful and very effective. I love coming here, I recommend them to all my friends and family. I don’t know if anyone’s come here, but that’s what I do.

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