Chiropractor Review: Client Testimonial by Carol

Carol, a patient at Grappin Chiropractic Clinic of North Port shares her review and experience with Dr. Linda Grappin DC

I see Dr. Linda Grappin and I came originally because I have a herniated disc in my lower back.

I had been to a neurosurgeon, I had been to a pain doctor who gave me two epidural shots and I had sixteen weeks of physical therapy, none of which seemed to make a lot of difference.

Somebody suggested the Grappin Clinic to me and I have noticed an almost miraculous cure. I no longer have any kind of back pain. My sciatic pain has almost completely gone away and I find that the treatments are extremely effective.

My experience with Grappin has been excellent. I’ve been referring them to a number of people that I know.

I am also very grateful because Dr. Linda Grappin found some of the issues that were causing my back problems and so we’ve been working on those as well. They’ve included things like orthotics and making sure that we’re working on my pelvis which is tilted and is causing causing some of the back problems. As well as some neck issues that she discovered in x-rays.

So, again, I can’t recommend the Grappin Clinic in North Port any more highly than I currently do.

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