Chiropractor Review & Client Testimonial by Mary

Hi, I’m Mary from Arcadia, Florida.

I’ve been sick for seven months.

I was at church one Sunday. One of my friends come up to me and said, Oh you seem like you’re in so much pain.  I said, I am.

She said, why don’t you go to North Port to the doctor I go to? So I said, who do you go to? She said, Dr. Ross.

So, I said I would like to try Dr. Ross, I’ve tried everybody else, so why not Dr. Ross.

I couldn’t even get out of bed. I couldn’t even get off of my couch, my husband had to pull me up.

When I came down to see Dr. Ross, he talked to me and he began to work with me and I’m telling you, I’m a miracle today. I’m walking on my own and Dr. Ross has really, really helped me.

And, I thank God for Dr. Ross and I don’t want him to quit waiting on me because I told him I’m going to stick with him and he told me he would stick with me.

And I am a living witness, Dr. Ross is the number one chiropractor everyone should try to get in touch with Dr. Ross.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ross Grappin of Grappin Chiropractic Clinic in North Port, FL call 941-426-9551 today!

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