Grappin Family Chiropractic Feature Video

Feature Video of Grappin Chiropractic & the Grappin Family of Chiropractors

My name is Dr. Linda Grappin and I am a chiropractor at our family practice along with my husband Dr. Carl Grappin and our two sons Dr. Lee Grappin, and Dr. Ross Grappin.

dr-carl-linda-grappin-chiropratorsBoth myself and Dr. Carl Grappin have been helping patients heal and be pain free since 1977, the year we opened our family Chiropractic Clinic in North Port, Fl.

Dr. Lee Grappin and Dr. Ross Grappin have been chiropractic assistants at Grappin Clinic for about 8 years before joining our team of chiropractors in 2013.

Together, our family of chiropractors serve the people of North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, South Venice, and Venice.

We all have different areas of expertise which can help you heal from different types of injuries and maladies such as:

Car Accidents – Work & Sports Injuries – Scoliosis – Muscular Imbalances – Skeletal Imbalances – and Neurological Damage.

We practice chiropractic manual adjustments, acupuncture, laser fat loss and light therapy, digital x ray radiography, physical therapy and rehabilitation, kinesiology, and nutritional assessment.

dr-ross-dr-lee-grappin-chiropractorOur doctors have training and experience with vertebral subluxation complex (pinched nerves), neurology, orthopedics, physical therapy, acupuncture, lower back pain, headaches, TMJ, nutrition, rehabilitation, and whiplash.

Our modern Grappin Chiropractic Clinic uses the lates physiological therapeutics such as disc decompression, manual dystraction, segmental /longitudinal traction, muscle stimulation, laser light therapy, ultrasound, infrared and others.

dr-sharose-mahshieAs Hippocrates says, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

We would like to extend that opportunity to you now and will enjoy watching you recover one step at a time and have you leaving our office a happier and healthier individual.

Thank you from all the doctors at Grappin Clinic of Chiropractic. We look forward to your visit.

For more information call us today at 941-426-9551 or visit our website,

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