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Chiropractor Review: Client Testimonial by Carol

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Carol, a patient at Grappin Chiropractic Clinic of North Port shares her review and experience with Dr. Linda Grappin DC

I see Dr. Linda Grappin and I came originally because I have a herniated disc in my lower back.

I had been to a neurosurgeon, I had been to a pain doctor who gave me two epidural shots and I had sixteen weeks of physical therapy, none of which seemed to make a lot of difference.

Somebody suggested the Grappin Clinic to me and I have noticed an almost miraculous cure. I no longer have any kind of back pain. My sciatic pain has almost completely gone away and I find that the treatments are extremely effective.

My experience with Grappin has been excellent. I’ve been referring them to a number of people that I know. (more…)