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Foods that Promote Healthy Skin

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

dark-chocolate6 Useful Foods for Healthier Skin

Certain foods and nutrients have been shown to be very useful for promoting healthier skin.

By eating the right foods, it is possible to see significant improvements in relation to acne, wrinkle reduction, and all-round radiance. Here are a few of the best foods for healthier skin:


Eat two or three squares a day of a high-quality chocolate for glowing skin. Any chocolate rich in cocoa helps to hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and firm. Plus, the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants known as flavonols.

The most beneficial bars have at least 70% cacao, which is the purest form of chocolate. Also, there is the option to apply chocolate topically; the caffeine content is helpful for reducing the appearance of skin puffiness.


Add yogurt to your diet to improve the skin’s firmness and make it more resilient to lines and wrinkles. The most effective option is Greek yogurt because of the high protein content. This is nearly double that found in normal yogurt. A single daily serving is enough to benefit from a smoother complexion.


Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants known as polyphenol. They are useful for regulating the skin’s blood flow and fighting free radicals. This can leave a rosy glow to the skin.

Simply add a glass of juice to the daily diet, or eat a single pomegranate. Alternatively, the fruit can be applied to the skin topically, which is useful to soften the skin and help smooth lines.


Detoxify Your Body Naturally

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

detoxify-with-clay5 Ways To Detoxify Your Body Naturally

Have you been looking for natural ways to detoxify your body? If so, we have good news for you.

First of all, you need to make sure that you don’t binge on food full of toxins. In other words, you should stay away from GMOs, processed foods, and pesticide-rich foods, just to name a few.

Aside from keeping from the unhealthy stuff, you should use the 5 natural methods of detoxification. Read on to know more.

1. Clay

Bentonite clay features a negative charge. As a result, it tends to attract toxins that are positively charged. Since toxins have a positive charge, they can be eliminated with the help of clay.

If you want to get rid of toxic accumulation in your body, you can take clay internally or use it in your footbath. The former method is better as it will provide your body with some essential minerals.

citrus-fruit2. Add detoxifying foods to your diet

Fruits: fruits rid your body of toxins, as they are rich in liquid-content. Aside from this, they are full of nutrients and easy to digest.

Citrus fruit: Fruits, such as lemons, oranges and limes help your body flush out harmful toxins in addition to boost the digestive tract with powerful enzymatic processes.

Vegetables: Vegetables also boost your digestive tract and cleanses your system. Aside from this, some foods, such as carrots, onions, asparagus, cabbage and kale are good at cleansing your body.

Garlic: When it comes to detoxifying foods, you have no better option than garlic. Actually, garlic boosts your liver and helps it produce powerful detoxifying enzymes. As a result, your body gets rid of toxic residues.


Reversing Skin Damage

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

acupuncture-healing-bodyReverse Skin Damage From 20 to 70

At 20, your face might look – and feel – dewy-fresh and petal-smooth. But, quite unknown to you, the ravages have already begun. It’s too early for Time to wreak its havoc, but your skin has other enemies.

There are two ways in which your skin ages: Natural, or intrinsic, aging actually doesn’t shown up on your face until age sixty or later. The fine lines and rough spots that appear as early as your twenties (and worsen with each passing decade) are caused by extrinsic aging – due mainly to sun exposure, facial expressions, even sleep positions.

With the diagnostic techniques a dermatologist can identify the source of each line or skin flaw, and can tailor treatments individually.

aging-skinThe Causes, effects and treatments of skin damage now can be identified as follows:


Photo-aging, caused sun damage creates deep creases, uneven texture, dryness, brown patches and a yellowish cast. Leading dermatologists today attribute a full 90 per cent of extrinsic aging to photo-aging. While avoiding the sun can prevent it altogether, ongoing research indicates that topical Retin-A can help repair sun damage.

Sleep lines are easy to identify. “They cut across ordinary wrinkles in a pattern that doesn’t make sense,” says Melvin Elson, M.D., medical director of The Dermatology Center in Nashville, U.S.

Caused by years of sleeping face to pillow, horizontal sleep lines tend to appear along the side of the chin in women, on the forehead in men. While sleeping on your back is the best prevention, to soften existing lines dermatologists use to injectable filling material such as collagen (a natural protein derived from animal tissue).


Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

sensitive-skin-careSensitive Skin Dos and Dont’s

Does your skin get red for no reason? Does it react to most-accepted skin care products?

Do you get dry, itchy patches in the summer, or breakouts and irritation throughout the year?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most or all of these questions, then you probably have sensitive skin.

Don’t Over-Wash
Use a gentle cleanser (without strong fragrances) to wash your face. The key is to find a product that will clean your skin, while keeping its protective oil-barrier intact.

Don’t Over-Exfoliate
Avoid exfoliants that contain beads or micrograins which require a scrubbing or rubbing motion. This could cause the skin’s surface to crack and could lead to redness and irritation.

Use an exfoliant that gently breaks up the dead skin cells’ top layer, without having to physically ‘rub’ it off.

washing-skinDo Use Lukewarm Water to Wash Your Face

Avoid extreme temperatures when you are using water on your face. Hot water can be too harsh and drying on the skin, while cold water can cause broken capillaries and redness.

Do Protect and Moisturize Your Skin Daily
It is essential to keep the skin well hydrated, while using a moisturizer that will not cause irritation or redness.

Look for products that are ‘gentle, hypoallergenic, aroma-free and/or water-based’. (Tip: The best way to find-out if a product is ‘water-based’ is to look at the ingredient list. If the first ingredient is: water, then the product is water-based.)