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Symptoms and Treatment of Whiplash

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

back-pain-whiplashWhiplash Injuries: Symptoms and Treatment

The unfortunate reality of our mobile society is that there are fewer licensed drivers that have never been in an automobile accident. The more years of driving experience a person has, the more likely it is they have been involved in some sort of car accident. The U.S. Census Bureau last estimated that $10.2 million motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2008 alone. These accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to full-on collisions, are leading contributors to whiplash and concussions treated by chiropractors and physicians throughout the US. There is a rising number of bicyclists on the roadways, and whiplash caused by car accidents can be attributed to car-to-bicycle collisions.

Whiplash, car accident related or not, happens when the sudden change in the body’s velocity stretches the muscles and ligaments in the neck beyond normal range. It can occur to both motorists and cyclists involved in collisions. Anybody suffering from symptoms of whiplash should seek whiplash treatment from a chiropractor to help ease pain and stiffness and decrease risk of long-term damage.

To understand the importance of whiplash treatment, read on for information on its causes, symptoms and diagnosis.

car-accident-injuriesWhiplash: The Causes

There are many different causes of whiplash. Car accident injuries are the most common, but sports injuries, bicycle crashes and other accidents can also result in similar neck pain and stiffness.

In an accident where a car is side-swiped, for example, the impact causes the body to fly to the side quickly, with the head following the body’s movements. Sudden stopping of the car flings the head to the other side, often resulting in the head hitting a window. This can leave the spine and soft tissues in the neck unstable, requiring a series of chiropractic appointments for whiplash treatment, or maybe even medical treatment for concussion.


Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Whiplash Neck Injuries

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

whiplash-injury-car-crashWhat is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a commonly used term for a neck sprain and strain injury caused from a rear‑end automobile collision.

When stuck from behind, a force travels through the vehicle and through the body. This force causes the head to be forcefully snapped backwards. A split second later, there is a rebound from the acceleration force, which causes the head to snap forward. This type of trauma is referred to as an acceleration/deceleration injury to the spine and can result in a sprain, strain, or fracture of the spine.

In a whiplash injury, the long ligament that runs down the front of the neck is often sprained when the neck is snapped back. However, the most damaging effect of a whiplash injury comes from the deceleration phase. This is when the head rebounds and snaps forward and the long ligaments that run up the back of the vertebrae (neck bones) are usually sprained (torn.) Other ligaments, especially the capsular ligaments between each vertebra, are also usually damaged during this action. Damage may also commonly occur to the muscles of the neck and in some cases, the discs may become damaged or herniated.